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1/12 bust cast in resin, unpainted and to be made up of several parts Sculpted by Robert Lane Box art Alex Varela Quiros

Hussard de la Mort Benoit leaned back in his saddle, took a long draw on his pipe and surveyed the scene in front of him. There were two troopers from his regiment walking down the main street of the small town in which his regiment was billeted. They didn’t so much walk as parade, but not parade like troops on the barrack square but like young aristos in the squares of Paris showing off their new outfits. But then again most of his squadron had joined up, not due to some great idea of liberty and an end of tyranny, but because the all-black uniform and scull emblems were irresistible to women! His horse shook its head as if sharing the sense of disgust and Benoit pondered on the fact that only he and the Marechal-des-logis had seen any service. Well it would all be very different when the cannon beat out their rhythm and the musket balls flew amongst them, then they would find out if they deserved to serve under the colours of the Hussards de la Mort.

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