The Major

The Major

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1/12 scale unpainted resin bust Sculpted by John Regan Box art by Robert Lane

The Major shifted uncomfortably in his saddle. In more than 35 years of campaigning he had never seen mist so thick, it clung to the ground covering everything in an eerie shroud. He could barely see the ears of his horse, how was he supposed to spot the advance of the rebels? He listened intently hoping to catch the chink of metal on metal or boot on ground that might give away the enemy's presence. The silence didn't fill him with much confidence; how would his men fare in the heat of battle? The militia looked very fine on the parade ground outside Taunton castle, but out here on the ghostly Somerset Levels it would be a different story. If only he had a few of his Cornish Foot from the wars, they'd soon put this rabble to flight.

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