SOLD OUT Billman Wars of the Roses

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1/10th scale two piece, unpainted resin bust Sculpted by: Robert Lane Box art: Alex Varela Quiros

Large flakes of moist snow, blown on a chill wind, speckled the font of his breastplate as he reached the top of the rising ground and surveyed the valley below. Yet beneath his sallet his hair was matted with sweat, which ran down his neck into the small of his back, making him shiver involuntarily. It had been a fair march from their camp towards the village of Towton and he was glad of a rest, leaning against his billhook, as he drew in great gulps of the cold air. As his mind wondered he looked forward to when the day’s work was done and he could return to camp and rest. Little did he know that the day ahead would see him immersed in the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil and few of his comrades would see the glow of the camp fire again.

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