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1/10th scale, two piece, unpainted resin casting Sculpted by: Chris Clayton Box art: Adrian Hopwood

A scream echoed through the woods. Rather than fading away it seemed to be amplified by the trees, resonating through the undergrowth until it saturated the air with fear. A girl in a white shift, her wide eyes staring wildly ahead, appeared at the edge of a small clearing. She was breathing heavily each gasp of air hurt her lungs, if she could just make it to the entrance of the cave she would be safe. She ran across the clearing, brambles grabbing at her alabaster ankles, flecking droplets of blood on her feet, not far now. Something made her look back and there it was, it’s immense bulk forcing its way through the trees as if they were saplings. Horns glinting in the sunlight that pierced the canopy, eyes burning with malevolence, the Minotaur had arrived.

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